How To Make Money Fast: Fold App Spin Wheel

So, you are here because you really want to know how to make money fast?! Well, you’ve come to the right place!

About Fold

Fold App is one of the easiest and fastest ways you can start making money now! If you are shopping online and are not receiving some form of cashback, you are not being efficient.

A penny saved, is a penny earned

Benjamin Franklin

Not only are you going to earn cashback up to 20% in some instances, but it will be in the form of the most famous type of cryptocurrency today — Bitcoin! It’s the easiest way you can expose yourself to Bitcoin.

The rewards that this app generates can be redeemed instantly for a variety of gift cards from popular merchants or you can simply hold on to your Bitcoin. There’s a chance it may be worth more later!

iPhone - Fold App

The app is available on iOS and Android. Fold users can now spend fiat or bitcoin and get up to 20% cashback in bitcoin at retailers like Amazon, Uber, Starbucks,, and many more. It’s simple, add your credit or debit card, spend via Fold at select retailers online, in-store, or in-app, earning bitcoin on every purchase, instantly.

If you have a credit card that is already giving you 1-1.5% cashback, then you are only doubling your cashback rewards by using this cashback app.

Fold App Spin Wheel

spin reward

Download the app for free and spin the Fold daily spin wheel for sats (a unit of Bitcoin)! Spin the prize wheel once a day to win free satoshis, exclusive deals, or surprise rewards!

The sign-up process is straightforward:

1. Fill in your email address and create a unique password

2. Download and install the app on your Android or iPhone device.

3. Login with your new account.

4. Enter the code in the email you used to finish your registration.

5. Enjoy your first 5,000 satoshis!

Sign Up - Fold App - How to Make Money Fast
Sign up and earn 5,000 satoshis ~ $1.23 according to today’s exchange rate
You're in! - Fold App

It may take you less than a minute to register and start using Fold app! Instant reward awaits you! Start making money immediately by shopping online.

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